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This Experiential Learning course consists of common analysis that can be conducted with Microsoft Excel and access to internet. They do not require any programming skills, VBA, macros or coding.

  • Practice your Excel skills with real-world case studies

  • No lengthy videos to watch, or virtual class to join

  • Acquire in-demand, employable skills. Build your reference projects

  • Download the Quick Reference Guide and Excel templates

  • Full lifetime access. PC & Mobile.

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How it works

Retain 75% of what you learn, not 30%

  • Hands-On Experience

    • Download Excel template • Understand analysis example • Practice with realistic data • Assess your skills

  • Employable Skills

    • Create your own analysis • Share your expertise on LinkedIn and social media

  • Quick Reference Guide

    • Quick access to Excel templates • Supports the transfer of new skills to your job • Enhances learning retention

Course overview

  • 1

    Welcome to this Experiential Learning Course

    • Excel for Data Analysis

    • How to Use these Experiential Learning Course

    • What do you need to complete this course?

  • 2

    How to Conduct a Pareto Analysis & Build Professsional Bar Charts

    • Pareto Analysis: Description and Skill Practice

    • Pareto Analysis: Skill Assessment

  • 3

    How to Analyse Variability & Create Box/Whisker Charts

    • Dispersion Analysis & Box Plots: Description & Skill Practice

    • Dispersion Analysis & Box Plots: Skill Assessment

    • Quick Check: How Confident Are You?

  • 4

    How to Create, Visualize & Interpret Histograms

    • Histogram and Bell Curve: Description & Skill Practice

    • Histogram and Bell Curve: Skill Assessment

  • 5

    How to Build Population Pyramids & Violin Plots

    • Population Pyramids & Violin Plots: Description & Skill Practice

    • Population Pyramids & Violin Plots: Skill Assessment

    • Quick Check: How Relevant is the Course Content?

  • 6

    Congrats, You Are Almost Done!

    • Your Quick Reference Guide

    • How did you like this course?

Learners' Feedback

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  • 95% Confident

    How confident are you in using Excel for Data Analysis?

  • 94% Plan to Reuse

    To which extent do you plan to reuse some of the checklists and templates from this course?

  • 96% Relevant to My Work

    To which extent are the learning experiences relevant to help you improve your work outcomes?