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This Experiential Learning bootcamp consists of 17 common analysis that can be conducted with Microsoft Excel and internet access. They do not require any programming skills, VBA, macros or coding.

  • Become an Applied Excel Analysis Professional

  • No lengthy videos to watch, just practice with realistic data

  • Acquire in-demand, employable skills. Build your reference projects

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How it works

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    • Download Excel template • Understand analysis example • Practice with realistic data • Assess your skills

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Microsoft Excel is the #1 spreadsheet application

How much of Excel do we really use? 

  • 800 million
    the estimated Excel users worldwide (source: Microsoft)

  • 90%
    of them only use about 10% of its capabilities (source: Capterra)

What's the market for Excel Data Analysts?

Data analysis is among today’s fastest-growing and sought-after professions as organizations increasingly rely on data to drive their strategic decisions and implement new interventions:

  • 5,300
    The number of Excel Data Analyst jobs available on Indeed.com (US market, Dec 20)

  • $62,450
    Average Excel Data Analyst salary, Junior level. This increases to $91,580K with 5-7 years of experience (source: Glassdoor.com, US market, 2020)

With some raw data, Excel gives you the ability to extract the necessary evidence and valuable insights to define the right strategies and implement the right interventions.

This Certificate as Applied Excel Analysis Professional is designed to provide you with the skills, on-the-job support and reference projects to succeed in your work.

What you will learn and practice

If you're only using the basic Excel fonctions, you're missing out on plenty of features and methods that will benefit your organization. This Experiential Learning Bootcamp allows you to harness the full power of Excel by learning and practicing your analysis skills on realistic data. This course covers 17 common business analysis:

1. The first nine cover tools and templates to conduct a Descriptive Analysis of your data: Pareto, Dispersion, Histograms, Violin Plots, Time-Series, Geo-Mapping and Text Analysis;

2. The next eight cover Common Cost Analysis and Diagnostic Analysis: Cost Benefit Analysis, Net Present Value, Significance Tests, Variance and Causal Analysis.

Download your free Quick Reference Guide

Bootcamp overview

  • 3

    Case Study 2: Dispersion Analysis & Box Plots

    • Dispersion Analysis & Box Plots: Description & Skill Practice

    • Dispersion Analysis & Box Plots: Skill Assessment

    • One quick question to help clarify your goals and expectations.

  • 4

    Case Study 3: Histograms & Bell Curves

    • Histogram and Bell Curve: Description & Skill Practice

    • Histogram and Bell Curve: Skill Assessment

  • 5

    Case Study 4: Population Pyramids & Violin Plots

    • Population Pyramids & Violin Plots: Description & Skill Practice

    • Population Pyramids & Violin Plots: Skill Assessment

  • 6

    Case Study 5: Time-Series Analysis

    • Time-Series Analysis: Description & Skill Practice

    • Time-Series Analysis: Skill Assessment

    • Quick Check: How Confident Are You?

  • 7

    Case Study 6: Geo-Mapping & Density Analysis

    • Geo-Mapping & Density Analysis Description & Skill Practice

    • Geo-Mapping & Density Analysis: Skill Assessment

  • 8

    Case Study 7: Density & Hexagon Maps

    • Density Maps: Description & Skill Practice

    • Density Maps: Skill Assessment

  • 9

    Case Study 8: Treemaps & Lollipop Graphs

    • Treemaps & Lollipop Graphs: Description & Skill Practice

    • Treemaps & Lollipop Graphs: Skill Assessment

  • 10

    Case Study 9: Text Analysis & Word Clouds

    • Simple Text Analysis & Word Clouds: Description & Skill Practice

    • Text Analysis & Word Clouds Maps: Skill Assessment

    • Quick Check: Using Checklists and Templates?

  • 11

    Case Study 10: Total Cost Analysis & Waterfall Charts

    • Total Cost Analysis & Waterfall Charts: Description & Skill Practice

    • Total Cost Analysis & Waterfall Charts: Skill Assessment

  • 12

    Case Study 11: Net Present Value & Stacked Columns

    • Net Present Value & Stacked Columns: Description & Skill Practice

    • Net Present Value & Stacked Columns: Skill Assessment

  • 13

    Case Study 12: Cost Benefit Analysis & Slope Graphs

    • Cost Benefit Analysis & Slope Graphs: Description & Skill Practice

    • Cost Benefit Analysis & Slope Graphs: Skill Assessment

  • 14

    Case Study 13: Correlations & Scatter Plots

  • 15

    Case Study 14: Significance Tests (Hypothesis Testing with t-Test)

    • Significance Tests (Hypothesis & t-Test): Description & Skill Practice

    • Significance Tests (Hypothesis & t-Test): Skill Assessment

  • 16

    Case Study 15: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

    • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): Description & Skill Practice

    • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): Skill Assessment

  • 17

    Case Study 16: Causal Analysis with Randomized Experiments (A/B Testing)

    • Causal Analysis with Randomized Experiments: Description & Skill Practice

    • Causal Analysis with Randomized Experiments: Skill Assessment

  • 18

    Case Study 17: Exploratory Causal Analysis

    • Exploratory Causal Analysis: Description & Skill Practice

    • Exploratory Causal Analysis: Skill Assessment

  • 19

    Congrats, You Are Almost Done!

Learners' Feedback

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  • 95% Confident

    How confident are you in using Excel for Data Analysis?

  • 94% Plan to Reuse

    To which extent do you plan to reuse some of the checklists and templates from this bootcamp?

  • 96% Relevant to My Work

    To which extent are the learning experiences relevant to help you improve your work outcomes?


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This Bootcamp

LinkedIn’s Advanced Excel Data Analytics

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Ecornell’s Data Analytics


Coursera’s Excel Analytics for

Decision Making

16 videos

15 readings

ExcelWithBusiness’s Advanced Analysis

90 videos

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* Only Excel and internet access



  • How long does it take to complete the entire Experiential Learning bootcamp?

    There are 19 modules to complete including the introduction and closing sections. At a pace of 4 to 6 modules per week (1 to 2 hours), you can complete this bootcamp within three weeks.

  • What is an OpenBadges™ Certificate?

    The course certificate is issued by Applied Data Analysis using the Badgr platform. Badgr is the home for skills-based digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records. It meets the OpenBadges requirement, the world's leading format for digital badges. This means that the Certificate is verifiable, portable and carries information about skills and achievements.